The Netflix Effect

The Netflix Effect

I don’t know about you…but as a mom who works from home, there are certain things I depend on to get me through my day. I have a very active three year old. We have a pretty good schedule of gymnastics and “school time,” where she works on her letters and writing.  I’m not going to lie to anyone and say that there aren’t certain shows and movies that Kenzie watches that give me much needed time to work, breathe, and shower without her saying “Mama, I see you,” while opening the shower door.

Netflix is my friend, my babysitter, and my in-house helper who I wish could do laundry. My companion if you will, throughout the day that says “here Mom, I got you. Go take care of that. We are good as long as Princess Poppy is trying to save the rest of Trolls from the Bergins.” But, there comes a point when Netflix goes from being a friend to an enemy. It’s always when I have a ton of work to do, laundry, and all I want Kenzie Belle Smith to do is sit down for at least an hour and leave me alone. I go to my friend, Netflix and without warning I find out that Kenzie’s “go to movies” are pulled off of Netflix. Movies that she has watched literally 987,654 times. Did Netflix not know the meltdown that was going to ensue when I have to explain to a three year old that her movie isn’t on here anymore? Could I have gotten a notification that read “Hey you may want to hit up Walmart and buy this on DVD before you have pay Amazon’s price for this movie!!” Nope, not one notice.  No warning….nothing!! So, while I love Netflix.  I do. I need them to do better. Don’t put us parents in a lurch. Do us a solid, and let us know when you’re going to pull our kid’s movies off of the network.


The mom who can’t handle a meltdown over another missing movie!!

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