The Gift of Visual Affection

The first time that I realized that Kenzie paid attention to when Karey and I where affectionate was when she was about 16 months old. She would giggle when we kissed and would hop in between us and smash our faces together and make us kiss and say “GO!” It gave her joy to see us kiss. Ever since then she has always done it. Now at 3 years old something has changed. Not only does she want us to kiss or hug she wants to be a part of the hug. I literally can’t hug my husband without her coming over to join the hug and she wants a kiss too. Most recently she started saying “Mommy and Daddy I love and Thank you for my Family!” *insert water works* She just said, without us asking….it just came out. I looked at my husband and he looked at me and we both choked back tears because we didn’t want to scare her or make her think she said anything wrong.

I’m a firm believer that our children learn to love and show love not just by how we show affection to them but by what they see. Showering them with love lets them know that they are worthy of love and yes that’s very important. However, as a woman how are we teaching our daughter to love a man? For fathers how are you showing your sons to love & cherish women? Fathers will your daughters only know that they are your princess, but can you say they know love by how you interacted with their mothers. This doesn’t just go for 2 parent households. Single parents even if you’re not married showing love means showing respect to the person you co-parent with and that goes for men and women. It can also mean healing your heart from the previous relationship that you were in so that your child can see you one day express love to another person.

I do my best to remember that the little sponge we are raising is soaking up all things. One day she will be a woman with a marriage of her own and I pray that what her father and I have shown her threw our marriage is not a perfect marriage but one filled affection, love, forgiveness & most importantly one with God as the center.

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