Self Care

Self Care is the Best Care





Babies, Business plans and Booze

When I was in my 20’s Happy Hours after work with friends or co-workers was a great option. You got to go out have a few drinks for a great price before heading home. Something happened in the last few years when I swung over to adulthood and basically all of THAT STOPPED.

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The Village

What every smart women worth her salt knows is that we can’t do it alone. I am not crazy enough to believe that a strong cocktail and bubble bath will fix all of my problems. Wonder Woman has the women of the Amazon Nation. Theres the Dora Milaje & Valkyrie. All tribes of women sent to support each other.

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For Women, by Women

Supporting other beautiful women-owned business is a passion of mine. It is something that I believe that as an entrepreneur we should do.

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#MNAM Mothers Day Brunch

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