Self Care Sanctuaries

It’s been almost 2 months for some of us….longer for others. The fact that we’ve been trapped in our
house…with our kids and our spouses with no outlet to go anywhere can really make you lose your
mind. When the only time you are leaving your house, it’s to go to the grocery store and you’re wearing
a mask. You are reminded of what’s going on in the world. It reminds you that you can potentially bring
a virus back to your family every time you leave your house. I don’t know how you have been handling
it, but some days I’m two seconds short from losing it. If I’m completely honest, I’ve seen the meme’s of
the recycling bins being filled with more wine and more liquor and all I can say is…DUH!!!

Right now people everywhere are struggling with their mental health. How do you find ways to have a
self-care moment when everything around us is turned upside down? The things you used to do, you
can’t do simply because you can’t leave the house. Finding ways to create a sanctuary in your home is
key. Yes, I know it sounds like I have given you a task like curing cancer. It doesn’t have to be a perfect
place, just one that can give you a little peace. You have to make self-care sanctuary.
When the quarantine began I started making sure my deck was together. I cleaned off the 900 lbs. of
pollen, washed my deck pillows, bought a few plants and a deck rug. Nothing makes me feel more
relaxed than being able to enjoying a drink, reading a book or working on my deck. I also have a 4 year
old who is cut from the same cloth. As her mama, I allow her to have deck time and backyard time as
well. It helps her as much as it helps me. She has painted on the deck, while I have enjoyed a glass of
wine. It’s our own version of Sip & Paint. She also loves having her daily popsicle on the deck.
Even if you don’t have a deck, whatever room you choose, make sure that room stays special & “semi
clean.” Let’s be real no one wants to clean everyday. If your bathroom is going to be your place of
relaxation, make sure you have a new candle for your bath or shower time.

Make sure the towels are fresh and clean. Whatever you need to do to ensure when you go in there it’s your sanctuary, do it. If it’s going to be your bedroom, make sure you make your bed everyday. I know that seems like a stupid chore, but it will make your feel like you’re going back to a new space. Think about getting an air diffuser and a plant to cleanse the air. Our homes have now become our offices, our castles, and our
sanctuaries. Creating a self-care sanctuary is within your budget. It isn’t blowing money. It’s investing in
you. You can use the money that you would have spent on date nights or the salon. This is just one form
of self-care. Take a picture of your #SelfcareSanctuary and show me how you’re getting through this
quarantine season.

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