Road trip In Bourbon 2nd Stop North Carolina

The Next state that I taught my daughter about is North Carolina or as she like to call it “Where Daddy is born!” The liquor I picked as my treat for doing such a good job at surviving teaching her was the Tim Smith Southern Reserve Bourbon Wood Fire Bourbon. It was a suggestion by a young man in Total Wine and More in Kennesaw. The hints of orange are simply amazing and it is strong so it taste great on the rocks with a simple ice cube.

Who am I kidding I can’t do anything simple, I went with a Diamond ice cube or you can have it in an old fashion. My recipe for the old fashion is bellow and you can click on the links to see where you can get the Tim Smith Southern Reserve Bourbon or any of the Climax Distillery products. Let them know Mrs Smith sent you!

Tim Smith Southern Reserve Old Fashion

  • 2 oz Tim Smith Bourbon
  • 3 dashes Peychaud Bitters
  • Ice cube (Diamond or just regular ice however you like it)
  • Orange peel (I heated mine up a little with a lighter just to open the flavor)
  • Splash of Water
  • Maraschino Cherries
  • High Ball Glass
  1. Add Simple Syrup to High ball glass
  2. Add bitters to simple syrup
  3. Add Splash of water
  4. muddle ingredients
  5. Add Tim Smith Bourbon
  6. Add ice cube
  7. Stir
  8. Twist Orange Peel over drink to add drink Zest
  9. Garnish with Orange peel & Maraschino cherries & ENJOY!!

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