Where is HR?? Someone lied about this job?

In 2015, when my daughter was born, my husband and I agreed that I would stay home with my daughter and work on my business. In my mind, I had a vision… like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…. I had a dream. A dream that I would run this AMAZING MILLION DOLLAR business, while taking care of my beautiful daughter. She would sit quietly while I was working. In between working, I would teach her and of course, she would be playing the piano by six months. It would be just like some of the women whose Instagram pages I had looked at and their amazing Pinterest pages that were raising child prodigies while cooking their husbands three course meals.

Well, in the words of Mike Tyson, “everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.” That’s exactly what being a stay at home mom/working mom became. I attempted to balance my day with a toddler who is extremely active and wants to do whatever I am doing. She is a little girl who does things that she knows she’s not supposed to do just to see my reaction. Simply put, the terrible two’s mixed with a “threenager.”

To say I was angry with those women who made this whole “work from home” thing look so easy and so perfect is an understatement. No one mentioned the hard moments or the headaches. So, let me tell you the truth…. Working from home with kids is HARD AS ALL GET OUT. It made me question myself as a mother, a wife, and most importantly a businesswoman. There will be days you don’t like your kids. No. I don’t mean you’re slightly irritated. I mean you will sit back and contemplate duck taping them to the wall, but you don’t want DFACS AT YOUR HOUSE. You’ll be so angry with your spouse for getting you pregnant that you will look at them in the middle in the night thinking, “I could bury you in the backyard and no one would know!” Then, you will want to give up on your business, (the other baby). You know the one God placed in you that has its own set of issues.

I’m here to remind you of three things:

  • The child that is driving you crazy is also watching you. They are learning the meaning of having a strong work ethic. You must keep going, not just for you, but because you are teaching another generation to not be lazy and strive for whatever they want.
  • Your spouse, your village, and the people around you, are proud of you. Regardless, if they say it everyday or not, they are proud of you. Otherwise, they would not be there. So, keep pushing to prove them right! #YouAreWorthIt!
  • If God put that dream in you, then it needs to come out. That business that burns deep inside of you is important. Don’t let it go!! Nothing worth having comes overnight. So, keep striving… I believe in you.

Working FROM home turned out to be something I never expected. I am still working on getting my priorities in order daily, and no one can tell you what that looks like for you. My suggestion is to not feel like everything must BALANCE…. NEWSFLASH!!!! It never will!! There will be times where you will give more attention to one area in your life than the other, and that is ok. The key is to know your priorities.

Yes, there are ways to get things done throughout the day. Everyday is a new day with its own set of challenges. I won’t say I have figured them all out. Some days I get more done than other days. Some days…. It’s Baby Shark and Trolls…. on repeat!!!

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  • karey smith
    May 10, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    Great job


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