Quarantine and Caffeine by Sara Bonebakker


I’ve now found myself stumped, stumped on what to write. Where to begin, what to talk about. With so much content stirred up in my head and no order in which to put it down. I have written paragraphs to only change my mind hit delete and start over. I have brewed several cups of coffee and was even treated to coffee this morning by my favorite winery. And yet in my caffeinated haze I still can’t seem to find the right words. I was asked to write about life as a military wife and mother and how I handle all that this life entails, how I take care of my needs, my selfcare. In all honesty my life right now is the same as many families in this world. We are stuck in the safety of our home, quarantined from family and friends. No longer able to work and socialize. No longer able to go shopping, not able to take the kids to the playground, no more date nights with my husband. The list goes on. Two months ago, my story would be very different.

Two months ago, I was preparing for my husband’s 5th deployment since we have been together. I had planned our last month as a whole family, camping trips, birthdays celebrations, a trip to Knotts Berry Farm, my husbands going away party. I had bought a dress, shoes and all the accessories to wear to my very first Seabee Ball. Only to have every single plan vanish due to the Corona Virus. Suddenly I was now forced to be a stay home mom and teacher. My husband’s deployment postponed until further notice. Granted I was happy about that. For me the sudden lockdown brought on severe anxiety. Worry over how we would survive financially on just one salary. Worrying about my parents and their health issues. I took some comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone, that so many people were facing the same challenges. The first week was hard, adjusting to spending 24/7 with my husband and kids. We had never spent that much actual time together. Emotions ran high, and patience was low. My sleep pattern went to shit, my appetite disappeared. The only thing that didn’t change was my consumption of coffee. It’s how I made it through and how I am still making it through.

By the second week of home confinement we had a schedule that somewhat worked. Nothing set entirely in stone, but we made it work. It was really through week two that I made a point of giving myself time for me. I made sure my husband had an eye on the girls and I took an hour to myself. I would shower, put on a sheet mask or face mask, shave my legs, put on a little makeup and would even fix my hair. I tried out the tossed aside IPSY bag products that I hadn’t used. Experimented with face oils and night creams. I perfected my at home dip nail kit. Gave myself a pedicure. Finally got around to using the deep conditioning hair mask. That one delicious hour of me time made me feel better. If I looked better, I felt better. I even made a point of putting on real clothes not just my comfys. I treated myself to a few Starbucks and Coffee Bean outings when I had to run out to the bank for work. Selfcare became a priority. It was my way of feeling comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Now if you’ll excuse me it is now happy hour! I think a cocktail is in order, this mommy needs a moment.

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  • karey smith
    May 15, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    Great read. Take your moments…

    • Mrs Smith
      May 18, 2020 at 9:09 am

      Thank you for the support and Yes it is an amazing read. Sara is fantastic


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