I Didn’t do NOTHING to Corona for him to treat me this way!

I don’t know Corona! In the words of KeKe Palmer “I might sound crazy but I have never met this man, I don’t know him”! I literally did nothing for him to get attacked in this way. That’s they way I WAS feeling for a good few weeks. Let me explain. I had plans for my life. Not small plans like going to get my nails done or date night. I had BIG plans. Plans that I sacrificed for. Plans that had been in the works for over a year. My husband turned 40 this year. It wasn’t just his birthday it is my brother-in-love’s 40th birthday and our two families along with others had BIG plans. These plans cause us to sacrifice and plan. We had to find the right trip. We found a cruise out of New Orleans and it worked for everyone. When your parents it’s not always easy to get up and go like you want to. We have obligations and we still have to make sure things are taken care of.

There was a lot of overtime worked and cut backs were made all to prepare to leave on a cruise on March 29th out of New Orleans.

But we did it.

Until this dude Corona shut it all down.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that despite the reports of people catching the virus onboard ONE ship I was NOT cancelling my cruise. WE WERE going. I NEEDED this vacation. I needed to know that MY sacrifice was not in vain. I needed to get away from my kid, from my everyday life and to recharge my battery. I wanted to celebrate my husbands birthday and feel like Karey and Erica circa 2013. The ones boyfriend and girlfriend Karey and Erica. But Corona stopped all of that.

When I realized our trip was dead in the water (all puns intended) I remember having a complete breakdown in my bathtub. Complete with leg kicks and crying and yelling to God “It’s not fair why is this happening to ME!” Why is The Corona virus was stopping ME from going on MY vacation!!” As soon as the thoughts came out I could hear myself sounding like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum about not being able to go play. The Corona Virus was not specifically happening to me. It was happening in the world. Globally we are all affected daily by what’s going on. It is easy to personalize the situation and see it from only our stand point like I did. In the grand scheme of things not being able to go on my trip is nothing compared to the millions of people who have los their lives. Compared to those who have not seen their families members because they have been on the front line of taking care of people.

So during the week of my cruise I still went on a mental vacation! My “Quarantine Cruise” was apart of my self care because I needed it. When weather permitted I put my swimsuit on, created a happy place (We will talk about that in another post) and I enjoyed my deck. My neighbors probably thought I had lost my ever loving mind but HEY sometimes #selfcare MEANS doing things that are the best for you within your own space. So a #Quaratinecruise it was. Now clearly with an active 4 year old I could only clock out so far but mostly I tried not to take things to seriously. If you have had things that you have had to cancel during this season first of all I feel your pain but I also say we are in this together. If you have had full blown temper tantrums behind it your not alone. The key is to not sit in that space. We cant wallow in what didn’t happen and become depressed behind it. We have to be safe not just for ourselves but our family and friends and neighbors.

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