How do YOU Support the Black Lives Matter Movement & The Black Community

In the last week, I have had many conversations about the right way to protest. What’s the right and wrong way to express years of suppression and anger. Now, this post isn’t about that. In my book, I refuse to tell another person how to deal with their emotions or feelings. That’s between you, God & your therapist. But I do want to talk about supporting the movement. At this point, there is something that EVERYONE can do. Regardless of where you live, regardless of your skin color. If you know that systematic racism is WRONG. If you know that the way the black community has continuously been treated is WRONG. The fact that in the middle of a pandemic we have watched Ahmaud Aubrey gunned down in broad daylight, Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home and now George Floyd was killed in front of our eyes. If you have watched all of those things happeNed and know in your soul that enough is enough, then there are things that YOU can do to support those who have put their bodies on the line to protest.

#1 YOU MUST VOTE!!! I am a firm believer that you can not complain about the government if you don’t take part in the democratic process. All of these protest are happening during the primary elections in many states and there are many other items on those ballots. Do not let your vote go uncounted. I am proud of Ferguson, Missouri who elected it’s first black female mayor in Ella Jones.

#2 You can invest your money in the black community. There are many e-commerce black business across the country that you can buy from. No matter what your need maybe, they will ship products right to your house. I was recently asked for a list of Black owned companies that I support and follow. As I began to put the list together…It turned out very long. Then I looked at a few other companies that other friends follow so I added them to the list. If you have a company that you would like to add, please feel free to email me and I will up date the list once a week. My goal is to give people a resource to find anything that they may need by a blacked owned company.

This list included products from adorable Mommy and baby matching t-shirts by The Little Phoenix, to the Diamante Rojas Stogies Online Cigar Store to the Black & Bold Coffee Company. There isn’t anything that you may need that isn’t produced by a black business owner…if your willing to look!!!

These issues we face won’t end with the arrest of the men who killed George, Ahmaud & Breonna although their conviction would be the a great first step. To make true change requires so much more; however, we each need to be apart of that change, with our voice and with our pockets. What change did you make today?


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