Finding the time to get it Right & Tight

Do you know what I hate worse than working out? Looking fat in a really cute outfit. Also the idea of being unhealthy for my daughter. Let’s be honest when Kenzie is in her twenty’s I will be in my sixty’s. My plan is to be a HOT SIXTY.  In order to make that happen and I need to work out. I love food and I surely love cocktails so I have to do something. Gym memberships can be expensive; however,  there are ways to get a good 30 minute work out in without having to break the bank and it can be done at home.  

 I stated following BritneBae after seeing her on an episode of the Red Table Talk This amazing woman is all about fitness that you can do from home and I love that. She does exercises that are easy to follow and I’m getting a good work out in.  I also have a pair of work out resistance bands that I purchased on Amazon. I put the link where I purchased mine but there are all kinds of bands and they aren’t expensive. There are a few online workouts that you can do to start your day using the bands. I found a great one by PopSugar Fitness. They have an entire page of 30 minute works outs that you can try….FROM HOME…Before you KIDS WAKE UP!!! Yup, that’s the kicker. BEFORE YOUR KIDS WAKE UP! 

Part of Mommie having a moment is taking the time to commit to our bodies. Taking the time for #selfcare in the area of fitness. We work hard to give our families a good life don’t you want to be around to see them enjoy it? Working out for just 30 minutes can help you feel clear-headed, and I know won’t feel sluggish and can keep up with the Kenzie. I’m not saying working out is easy. It can kick your butt but when it’s all said and done you’ll have a nice butt. I have been working very hard to stick to my schedule of getting up at 6:30am to workout before Kenzie gets up because I want to get my body together because if I don’t my home workouts end up like the video below.

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