When I was in my 20’s, Happy Hours after work with friends or co-workers was a great option. You got to go out and have a few drinks for a great price before heading home. Something happened in the last few years when I swung over to adulthood and basically all of THAT STOPPED. Number one, my office is at home and my current “co-worker” is my 3 year old…. whom I can’t fire (I’ve tried). Also I found that for many women that I know, they would rather go and pick up a bottle a great quality liquor or wine and enjoy it at home. Let’s be real, they still have to pick up the kids, do homework, cook dinner, and probably need to send out a proposal. So Happy Hour happens at the Casa.

So I decided to start giving some reviews of different wines & liquors that I have tried. I have also created a few drink recipes that you can follow if you are feeling fancy. Just because you’re a Mommie doesn’t mean they have to take your moment.

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