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Ladies, Can we talk for a minute or two. We’ve been on this #Selfcare journey for well over a year now. Within, that time some of us have had new babies, proposals, weddings, we’ve bought houses and taken vacations. All these things are great but can be stressors. Now let’s also be real in the last few months we have experienced a worldwide pandemic, a death toll that we haven’t seen before in our lifetime, civil unrest, job loss and we have been quarantined in our homes with our kids for MONTHS. The level of stress that we all are dealing with is unprecedented. These are the things that a glass of wine and a candle can’t make go away permanently. I’m not sure about the additional stressors in your life but if they are anything like mine its a lot. Additionally, we haven’t even begun to talk about past traumas that may creep up and begin to show their ugly little heads. 

You may be asking yourself “Erica, why in the world are you bringing all of this up?” #1 because I love you all and every one of you has decided to take this journey with me to become a better woman, wife, mother, and entrepreneur.  I want to see each and every one of you healed and happy. Self-care isn’t just about great cocktails, massages, and girl’s trips. Although if someone offered me those 3 things right now I’d cry ugly tears of joy. It’s about finding tools for dealing with past traumas & coping with stress. 2020 has hit ALL of us over the head with a mallet. I am a firm believer in it’s your decision on how to respond to that hit. Therapy is a great way to get those tools. Many therapist do virtual therapy where you don’t have to leave your home and you can talk to them right from your bathroom with the door locked. Sometimes finding the right therapist is 90% of the battle so as your online sister from another mister I wanted to give you a referral. 

Bobbi Jones & her partner Kimberly Chambers of Tailored Wellness Institute will help you to navigate your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They will work together to establish a mental health treatment plan that is just right for you.  They are two women who can not only assist you but they are adolescent therapist as well. Therapy is a journey, not an instant fix, and having someone by your side to help you along the way to meeting your mental health goals is a beautiful thing. We are in an extremely unprecedented level of stress and we need to find new tools to handle this area of our lives that we have never experienced before. All of this is apart of our journey of self-care. Taking care of mental health is extremely important for our health and self-care. Remember Self Care is the Best.

You can reach Bobbi Jones & Kimberly Chambers at:

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