About this Mommie

I never ever ever wanted to be a STAY AT HOME MOM. The idea honestly made me sick and scared the mess out of me. Let me explain… In 2007, I moved from Southern California (where I had lived all my life) to Atlanta, GA with my son during the end of my first marriage. I left my dreams of being an actress to be in marriage that had exploded in my face. I was divorced. I lost who I was at my core. I lost my home. I left my family. I lost everything. My credit was in the toilet, and I moved in with my mother. To say I had to start over was an understatement.

After moving to Atlanta, I found ME again. My drive came back. My entrepreneurial spirit was alive. I met my current husband in 2012, on I told him “I’m an entrepreneur. I’m driven and have an extreme shoe addiction.” I was honest with him about who I was at that time. I liked the person I became after my divorce, and I planned to hold on to her. I always saw myself as an entrepreneur. So, when we got pregnant in 2015, my thought process was… after my daughter was born I’m going to stay at home and run my business.

I had no clue of what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know what my days would look like. I had no idea how my beautiful little one would simply take over my life. There were days my entrepreneur side never got touched. I was depressed. I was exhausted. I needed to go to sleep, because I had to get up and do it all over again. I didn’t find time for that side of me because I kept saying to myself, “this what you have to do for your family.” When the reality was, I was hurting my family more by not taking care of me.

Many of you are like me. You take care of the kids. You run the business. You try to keep your spouse happy. You attempt to work out. Or maybe you’re climbing the corporate ladder. You’re dealing with the office politics. You’re raising teenagers and managing their cosmic swings. You’re a caretaker of your aging elder parents.

The million-dollar question is WHEN DOES MOMMIE GET MOMENT? and “what does that moment look like?” 

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